Free Message Without Internet

We didn’t even know about mobile phones when we were in schools. But we still used to chat with friends. We used to paper chat writing message on the pieces of the paper in the school days.
Writing on the paper and passing with the help of the friends. Today we all have a mobile in our hands but still, the time of paper message hasn’t ended. We do have Apps like Viber, Facebook, Snap-chat but these Apps need internet to run.
For receiving and sending the messages, the Apps need internet in both mobile devices. It is not possible to chat in those classrooms not having internet access using these kinds of Apps with the help of a cellular network or SMS. So the best way to talk is paper chatting.
But we do have an alternative for this. The choice is the app that doesn’t need internet for chatting, and it is free as well to download. For this app to run, both the receiver and sender should have this app. The name of the app is Fire chat.
The App is available in Android as well as Google platform. This App is free for everyone.
This App works with the help of Bluetooth. The Bluetooth of the receiver and sender should be active, and they can chat remaining in the region where the Bluetooth device can be seen.
So this is generally useful for chatting in Meeting and Classrooms when you are bored or someplace where you don’t want to disturb anybody but talk with the nearby person.