Have you ever wanted to have control of anything in the motion of your hand or fingers?

 Like you may have wanted to control the volume with just the movement which is delicate and precise. Well, it was not possible until now. There were devices which can detect motions like hand and body gestures.

 But there have not been any such devices which can detect the delicate type of motion. However, Project Soli is developing a new interaction sensor using radar technology.

Ivan Poupyrev, working for advanced technology and project group at Google is the founder of Project Soil as the hand is the ultimate input device and it’s exact and fast rather than the input devices we use.

 Project Soil is all about capturing all the possibilities of human hand with the help of radar technology. This was what Ivan passionate about from the first. The fineness, preciseness or accuracy of hand could be used to the virtual world, and that’s what Project Soil is all about.

 It was possible using radio frequency spectrum to track human hand and finger movements. Those motions are micro-motions which can be used for the wearable like Smartwatches, Internet of things and other Computing devices.

 The sensor can track sub-millimeter motions at high speed and accuracy. Radar is a technology which transmits a radio wave toward the target, and the receiver of the detector intercepts the energy from that target.

 This Technology can bring a revolution in the world of gaming and even the use of computing devices. Being able to detect such small motions,  we have come to know how innovations can make a difference. With this Technology interacting with the digital world will surely be fun and comfortable.

 Bringing the accuracy in the Computing World itself, this project Soil is expected to be quite successful. A small motion of your hands can be a big wave to this sensor.

 Project soli resolve some significant issues like gesture control and the use of the hand as the best input device.