Global IME Bank Nepal

11th November 2021, Kathmandu

Global IME Bank customers will now be able to take advantage of Ncell’s companion SIM and various services and facilities available in this SIM.

Customers who open a Global Sahayatri Remittance Savings Account at the bank will get a bonus on every recharge, a discount on international calls, and a free Ncell SIM card with free data facility for Global Bank’s mobile banking.

Ncell Axiata Limited and Global IME Bank have signed an agreement to provide free Sahayatri SIM for customers who open Global Sahayatri Remittance Savings Account.

Global Sahyatri Remittance Savings Account is special savings account for workers going for foreign employment, their families, and individuals with remittance income.

Customers who open an account under this plan can take advantage of Ncell’s SIM card with an attractive plan and various facilities of the bank.

Under the agreement, customers who open an account with Global Bank receive 250 MB of data every month for 12 months using Global Bank’s mobile banking app Global Smart Plus.

Under the SIM card, customers will also get the main balance of Rs 20, 20 minutes of on-net talk time for 7 days, 20 on-net SMS, and 200 MB of data.

Similarly, on a recharge of Rs 100 or more in the first 2 days of SIM activation, the customer gets 100 minutes of on-net talk time and 100 MB of data.

The services and facilities received will be valid for 7 days.

 In addition, customers can avail of the bonus of 10 % recharge on every recharge for 12 months and also get the benefit of a discount on calling charges in India, Malaysia, and Gulf countries.

Sahayatri SIM also offers one-month free access to Ncell Job Shop for customers and a 50 % discount on a monthly plan.

In addition, customers will also be able to take advantage of services such as call received money, beep service, and free-roaming service at certain places.

Interested existing Sahyatri SIM customers can also avail themselves of the banking services of Global Bank if they are eligible for this scheme.

To avail of this scheme, the customer has to go to the nearest Global IME branch, open a Global Sahyatri Remittance Savings Account and get a free Sahyatri SIM.

Workers 18 years of age or above who are willing to go for foreign employment or have a source of remittance income will be eligible for this scheme.

Customers can open a free Global Sahyatri Remittance Savings Account without any deposit.

Under this plan, customers can avail of various services like debit cards, free internet or mobile banking facility for one year, free ABBS service.


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