ISPs, Telecommunications, and commodities feel the heat from petroleum Shortages. Due to a shortage of fuel, it has started hitting the telecommunication sector. Internet services will profoundly affect ted due to this prolongs the situation.

Internet service providers(ISPs) depend on diesel generator which helps to keep their services during their power outages. ISPs crosses the country reeling acute fuel shortage. According to internet services providers Association of Nepal (ISPAN), the 39 registered ISPs are providing services to 129830 clients. There are some clients, but they include important institution such as a bank, media outlets, education institution, hospital airlines, etc.

A services disruption might take a significant toll on the functioning institution. There has been no report of ISPs on their services president Suman Lal Pradhan. All the ISPs have fuel stocks which would last for a couple of days. An ISPAN delegation visited Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) to inform the regulatory body about the situation.

 Nepal oil corporation (NOC) provide petroleum products to the ISPs which is to small for the company to run. It argues that ISP offers many services during the peak during switching off in late night when the users are low but impossible.

It takes three or four hours for the server to restart and for an hour to shut down. We cannot switch it off when needed. They need continuous power for the dedicated feeder to continue the services. Most of the ISPs have stopped new connection after the fuel crisis; they have not been able to reach the site for maintenance.

The Nepal telecom companies concerned the impact of petroleum shortage is not worse. Ncell has some dedicated feeder. Corporate communication expert at Ncell, Milan Mani Sharma said that we are very thankful to NEA for power supply to the data center.

A similar supply of fuel generates power up BTS for power outage which will be essential to enable communication. We have communicated various concerned authorities and hope for their support for making a typical situation which will not create difficulties to the people.

Nepal telecom also has dedicated feeder to exchange its center. It has around 100 exchange center for the country. Achyut Nanda Mishra, the NTC spokesperson, said that this issue had addressed. Telecommunication is categories under emergency services for the effort to keep it running.