Top 10 Most Popular Nepali Blogs

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1. Mysansar
Rank among Nepali Websites: 58
Overall Rank in Alexa: 71,960

The first blogs were started by salary in April 2005 in Nepali Unicode which is currently the most popular Nepali blog. It mainly focused on the current issue. Kit covers the major political situation of Nepal. This site has received more than 48 million vision.

2. Nepali
Rank among Nepali Websites: 105
Overall Rank in Alexa: 75,645

This site contain various news, views and reviews of Nepali movie and artists. This site claims more than 20000 visitors in a day.

3. Ashesh’s Blog
Rank among Nepali Websites: 82
Overall Rank in Alexa: 128,389

This blog is popular Nepalese blog which is run by developer Ashesh Shrestha for its utilities like Nepali Unicode, Calendar and a data converter. The blog posts are mainly related to information technology and social media.

4. Nepal Football League
Rank among Nepali Websites:276
Overall Rank in Alexa: 703,260

The blog is primarily for football enthusiasts and Nepal. The posts are about football club. Football matches and the football players of Nepal.

5. Aakar Post
Rank among Nepali Websites:635
Overall Rank in Alexa: 736,232

The most ubiquitous blog started by Anil Ghimire who is the computer software engineer of 2007,. The blog has several contributors about the current situation as socio-political issue of Nepal. Literary Radio program is one of the most popular programs posting in the blog.

6. Mukesh Chapagain’s Blog
Rank among Nepali Websites:  422
Overall Rank in Alexa: 58,906
A PHP agent to programmer and computer Engineer Mukesh Chapagain from Nepal. Their posts are mainly about open source software and PHP programming

7. Nepali Blogger
Rank among Nepali Websites:625
Overall Rank in Alexa: 653,119

Nepalese students in UK Pradeep Kumar Singh, he wants to develop a community blogging that wants peaceful and democratic Nepal. The posts are mainly about current situation of Nepal.

8. Lex Limbu’s Blog
Rank among Nepali Websites:1316
Overall Rank in Alexa: 860,467

A non-residential Nepali students blogger named Lex Limbu in the UK. The blog posts are mainly about entertainment industry of Nepal Like as fashion, music, movie etc.

9. Nirmal Gyanwali’s Blog (
Rank among Nepali Websites:1364
Overall Rank in Alexa:150,748

A front-end web developer Nirmal Gyanwali Based in Sydney, Australia started as a personal blog. The posts are about Information Technology.

10. Barefoot
Rank among Nepali Websites: 2409
Overall Rank in Alexa: 1,576, 750

Assistant IT administrator of Nepal Human Rights Commission of Nepal Janak Raj Bhatta. This blog mention and share thoughts raise voice for voiceless and some funny cases.