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Microsoft is bringing 112 times faster browser than Google Chrome

According to the study of world practice, among all the popular browser, Google’s Chrome Web Browser is the most popular one.

But this popularity of Chrome will be faded away by the new web browser of Microsoft.

Sometimes’ number one fashionable web browser, Internet Explorer is to be replaced by Microsoft’s new web browser Edge and is expected to capture the market of Google Chrome.

Edge web browser which was initially designed for Microsoft Windows 10 has mesmerized the public with its features.

Microsoft Windows Insider Program’s significant Gabe Owl posted a blog on Wednesday through Microsoft announcing about “Benchmark Test Result.”

Microsoft Edge’s working ability is very high than Google Chrome, but the exciting thing is, Microsoft has used the criteria created by Apple and Google.

For Edge browser’s testing, Microsoft has used Google Octane, Apple Jetstream, Web Kit and San Spider. Web Kit team is also the benchmark which was prepared by Apple which was designed for Apple Safari Browser IOS, MAC and Windows Version.

During the testing, it was found that Web Kit San Spider’s Microsoft Edge Browser is 112 times faster than Google Chrome. In google Octane Benchmark, Edge was 11 times faster than Chrome and in Apple Jetstream, it was found that Edge was 37 times faster, according to Microsoft.

Owl wrote in his blog post, “We’re happy with the performance of the display, and we hope you will achieve various better features in Microsoft Edge and will enjoy the fastest browsing.”

If this result is correct, then Microsoft Edge Browser will be the only option for the Windows User. From the edge’s working ability, they are about to force Google Chrome indirectly to bring discoveries and correct the latest features. Because of the Edge Browser’s new amazing features, Windows 10 is being downloaded rapidly by the users which are to be launched by the end of this year. For the users of Windows 7 and Windows 8, Microsoft is making a provision of downloading of Windows 10 for free.