Gandaki College Of Engineering And Science

Gandaki Engineering College (GES) is a non-profit Institution situated with Gandaki Boarding school (GBS) in Lamar, Pokhara-16. Pokhara has a moderate climate and panoramic scene of the snow-capped Himalayas in the front. Dr. P.V Chandy, the principle of GBS/GCES founded an extension to GBS with the approval of the GBS board and the United Mission to Nepal. It is managed by GCES, GBC, UMN public education Trust. It is affiliated to Pokhara University which compiles with PU semester system. GCES become the permanent member of Nepal Engineering College in 2003.

Mission and Vision

Development is only possible with quality education which is committed to maintaining their academic excellence, thought of GCES. The purpose of GCES is to cultivate or make an atmosphere of intellectual discipline which encourages and facilitate both faculty members and students. It supports to prepare engineering professional with the knowledge, skills, value which enables them to make a significant contribution to the country. It seeks to allow economically or socially disadvantage members of its community. GCES vision is to reinvent the engineering profession through focused employment of research and technology. It also helps to improve the well-being of economically and socially disadvantaged of society. We are continuously working to enhance the development of college as a national leader in development for the best gifts, expertise, skills, and faculty values, staff and students.