YouTube unveiled a new system $10 a month subscription plan in US called Red which includes ad-free videos, new original series, movies from YouTube and unlimited music.

Google Red builds exits on music streaming services by providing ad-free access to YouTube programming which has the ability to download videos to mobile device and play music in the background while using other apps.

Google play music services which costs $10 also to get access to Red.

YouTube chief business officer, Rober Kyncl said that it has major evolution platform.

Red target YouTube want to skip ads and giving them a chance to pass along some cash to their favourite video creator. This will share the new revenue. It has some streaming services like Hulu, Pandora, Spotify and Tuneln offer ad-free as paid.

The plan launch on October 28, which includes exclusive access to new videos launching next year as YouTube Music key services called as YouTube music.

A subscription eliminate ads from YouTube services and various platform except for YouTube kids apps which is separately operated.

Performer and comedian Lilly Singh said that YouTube helped for the creation of documentary of world tour called A trip to unicorn Island.

YouTube intends for advertising revenue which remains core business and executive say. It could take a while for subscriber to grow significantly. Some original content will also be made available in non-subscriber.

Kyncl said that subscriber will bolster YouTube revenues of artists.

Red also helps to boost the ranks of Google play music subscriber. There are 20 million spotify leader who are subscribing globally.

Tim cook said Technology conference that Apple music has 6.5 million playing subscriber.

YouTube is a part of Google which is created newly holding company Alphabet.