Garmin Varia is the world’s first class cycling radar, this device helps to create safer cycling environment by warning cyclists of the vehicles approaching behind up to 140 meters(153 yards.) The radar tail lights indicates vehicles approaching that there is a cyclist ahead. This device works independently with compatible Edge computers. Varia heat unit or the Edge computers can show multiple vehicles approaching and indicates the speed of approach and the threat levels. Getting hit behind from a vehicle is the major cause of deaths of cyclists. 
Cyclists usually look behind while making turns, but this device provides an essential tool by watching rear even when the cyclists is not. The Varia line of cycling products also consists of Varia smart head and taillights. These bike lights help to provide a safer cycling environment by adjusting the beam focus according to the speed of the bike and matching brightness according to the changing of lights only when this Varia is paired with selected Edge computers.
As the speed of the bike is increased the the focuses far down the road to where the focus is needed the most and focuses near when the speed is decreased. As the ambient light gets closer or fades away, both head and taillights auto adjusts when paired with a light-sensing Edge 1000 bike computers.