Samsung had announced a new 16TB SSD at the 2015 Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California. The huge increase in the density is due to the 48 layer 3D TLC NAND which was announced by Samsung. The formatted capacity is 15.36TB not exact 16TB. Each of the new 3D NAND chips can hold upto 256 GB which means 32 chips per TB and 512 chips to offer 16 TB of data. Samsung packed 500-600 NAND chips into this device that gives limitation to the consumer drive scaling.
This device has 2.5″ form factor so this device could fit in the laptops.The price of this device is expected to be around $5000 and $7000. The price is not so huge for the device with this capacity. The cost per TB storage will be $312.50 per TB if the cost is $5000 and will be $0.3125 per GB of storage. This device is rather cheap since the cost per GB of the traditional SSD available in market is 10 times the cost per GB of this device if we pay $0.3125 per GB storage.