Genese Cloud Academy To Host Job Opportunities in ICT Nepal

Job Opportunities in ICT Nepal

Kathmandu, 28 December 2019

Genese Cloud Academy Presents, “Future of Information Technology in Nepal”, which is a tech career counseling event for every student inside the Province-1 (Biratnagar) who has a passion for ICT and wants to pursue their career in Information Technology.

Genese Cloud Academy (GCA) leverages international and national expertise and partners with the academic sector and other employers to inject internationally recognized curriculums, certifications, and capabilities in Nepal and build the work-readiness of graduating students. GCA puts forward embedding policies and practices that enable stronger job creation in the ICT sector and support the growth of the industry.

Genese Solution and Genese Cloud Academy are organizing an engagement with crucial Colleges, Universities, and Government stakeholders from the Federal and Provincial levels regarding the prosperity of job opportunities in the ICT field of Nepal. As a part of the engagement, the event titled “Job Opportunities in ICT: Pathways, Plans, and Policies” aims to bring people from the industry, education, and global ICT experts together in Biratnagar.
So please fill the form: Click Here.

Please contact Mr. Aayush Sharma, District Project Officer at GCA via 9841217766.

Event Details:
Date: 29th December 2019
Time: 10 AM to 3 Pm
Venue: Biratnagar (Province-1)


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