Genese Solution Collaborates with UKaid’s Skills For Employment Programme

Genese Solution Collaborates with UKaid’s Skills

Kathmandu, 22 September 2019

Genese Solution – a specialized company in the cloud computing ecosystem and web/software development – has started a collaboration with UKaidSkills for Employment Programme from August 2019. Niranjan Udas, Director of Genese Solution, and Baljit Vohra, Team Leader of UKaid signed the collaboration agreement amidst a special signing ceremony organized in Janakpur whereHon’ble Lal Babu Raut, Chief Minister of Province 2 and Lisa Honan, Head of DFID Nepal were also present.

After signing the partnership with UKaid, Genese is preparing to launch a unique project, Genese Cloud Academy (GCA), to upgrade the capacity of academic institutes in Nepal by facilitating access to and adoption of globally recognized cloud computing training and certification, followed by job placement in Nepal and globally. Genese will now introduce the popular Amazon Web Service (AWS) Educate program in Nepal to deliver industry-relevant cloud computing training and access to jobs globally through Amazon’s job portal. UKaid will be co-investing in the project while ensuring close coordination with relevant government entities at the federal, provincial, and local levels, the private sector, donor agencies, and other stakeholders.

Within the first year of the project, Genese will build strategic partnership with 25+ selected academic institutions across different cities of Nepal (with focus in Provinces #2 and #5) to encourage adoption of internationally recognized online training modules like the AWS Educate programme and Microsoft Learn programme to provide a path way for students & teachers to access tools, courses, and certification on emerging cloud computing subjects. This program has the support of AWS Educate, Microsoft Education, Google Education, Alibaba Cloud Academy, Cisco Networking Academy, and Atlassian University. Using a blended online training and in-person instruction approach, aided by training of trainers to upgrade the capacity and standards of the academic institutes sustainably, Genese intends to build the work-readiness of graduating students so that they can effectively enter and meet the productivity demands of the industry.

The skill training covers job roles such as Application Developer, Cloud Support Engineer, Cloud Support Associate, Cyber Security Specialist, and Data Integration Specialist, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Developer, IoT Developer, Digital Marketer, Business Analysts, etc. Students involved in the training will be linked to AWS Educate’s job portal, giving them access to over 4,000 employers offering freelance and online jobs in the global market.

Talking about collaboration with UKaid and the project idea, Anjani Phuyal, Founder and Global CTO of Genese Solution shared,

“We have seen a substantial number of students who have a degree but don’t have proper skills that would place them in IT companies or IT-enabled companies. The idea of starting the Genese Cloud Academy (GCA) and running this project is to bridge the gap between the industry and academia of Nepal.”

“The teaching model of GCA is demand-driven instead of supply-driven, which is achieved by collaborating with the private sector demands.  We are collaborating with national and international industry leaders in education, cloud computing, skill development, and entrepreneurship training to produce a work-ready workforce. We are also focused on empowering women and socially disadvantaged groups to uplift our community through IT.”

Similarly, Baljit Vohra, Team Leader of UKaid, also opined,

“Through this partnership, we want to bring a change to the ecosystem by working at the grass-root level of the problem. The main motive of this program is to train tomorrow’s tech workforce today and assure their placement in gainful employment.”

While youth unemployment is a growing problem in Nepal, the IT industry has been finding it challenging to get qualified candidates to fill their vacancies. Through this project, Genese Solution aims to train and equip college students in Nepal with the necessary knowledge and skills, provide job placements locally and globally, and reduce the youth unemployment problem to some extent.


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