Mero School Play

15th July 2021, Kathmandu

Mero School is a digital e-learning platform where you can choose from a wide variety of online courses. With 50+ courses and 9000+ video tutorials, Mero School has become a popular website for students seeking extra help in their studies and even for people who want to develop new skills.

According to the syllabus set by the curriculum development center of Nepal, Mero School provides courses for school students, so you don’t have to comb through Google to find videos on the topic you are confused about.

Not only for school students, the video classes provide for +2 are also according to National Examinations Board (NEB) Syllabus, and video courses for engineering courses are set according to the syllabus of the Institute of Engineering (IoE), Tribhuwan University (TU).

With courses set according to what they actually study, it is easier for students to either brush up on their required topic during exams or they can prepare along with the syllabus for in-depth understanding.

Students, but Mero School has also created a platform for people to develop their skills. People can learn creative courses like Photoshop, AutoCAD, Illustrator, After Effects, etc. These courses are beginner-friendly and are taught in easy Nepali language to promote a greater understanding of the basics.

Mero School also has Share Market training videos for people who want to learn basic fundamental analysis and even advanced technical analysis. Not only that, but it also has foreign language preparation courses for people who are interested in learning a new language.

With all these courses and new courses being added regularly, Mero School Nepal App managed to cross 14.5k downloads in a short period of time. And now Mero School Nepal app has launched a new feature, “Play and Win,” where you can play different quizzes daily to win Rs 5000.

You just need to install the app from Google Play Store and sign in to play and win. You can play the daily quiz and get all 10 answers correct within the time limit and get a chance to win Rs. 5000 daily.

The winners are selected with the help of a lucky draw from the list of people who got all the 10 correct answers. For more details, you can visit their website or their social media pages.


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