stock market through sms

15th May 2021, Kathmandu

Stock Market has been the most interesting subject matter these days. Most people are really aware of the stock market, the advantages and disadvantages of the Stock Market. People are investing in it both knowingly and unknowingly. Even teenagers these days are very curious about the Stock Market.

Those who use Nepal Telecom’s SIM can now get information about the stock market through SMS. Previously, this feature was only available to Ncell customers. This will benefit all the NTC sim users who are very curious about the Stock Market information and updates. has provided an SMS facility by paying a fixed is an internet accessible app to view information about the market. But every time there may not be internet facility for the people. So, It is said that an SMS facility has been provided to the investors who do not have access to the internet to provide information about the stock market.

Through SMS, customers will get information about IPOs, FPOs, mutual funds, debentures, and rights issues currently being issued in the stock market. Also, information on the fluctuations of Nepse, trading companies, numbers and amounts, and profit and loss companies will be available.

Similarly, SIM users of Ncell can dial * 17174 # to avail of SMS service. And you can also subscribe to the service by directly purchasing from the Merolagani app. The SMS service is priced at Rs 26 per week and Rs 10 for three days.

Nepal Telecom customers can avail of SMS and podcast services by dialing * 31051 #. For this, you have to pay Rs 20 per week for SMS Alert and Rs 20 per week for listening to podcasts. From podcasts, stock market information, the news only, discussions about the market can also be heard.

You can enjoy the services after the subscription and enjoy the service wherever and whenever. Now you needn’t worry about the internet issues and internet facility. You can get information about the Stock Market anytime through the SMS services on your phone, paying a certain amount of money for a subscription.


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