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1st February 2023, Kathmandu

A company receives hundreds of phone calls every day. In such companies that connect directly with customers, when many phone calls come at the same time, sometimes the company has to work hard to manage them.

Companies have kept hundreds of human resources for their call center management. But the companies also have to listen to the complaints of not picking up the phone or not responding on time.

But recently, with the introduction of a new system by VoxCrow, the problems of phone call management of companies have started to be solved.

Voxcrow is a voice-based service provider company started 5 years ago (2018) by Sushant Rai and Dipesh Regmi. With the introduction of call center software called GetDesk by this company, the problem of such companies that receive many phone calls has been solved. In addition, Voxcrow’s GetDesk has become synonymous with call center software.

The number of companies and corporate houses adopting ‘GetDesk’ technology for call center management has increased rapidly in recent times.

Many companies and organizations are simplifying the hassle of phone call management through its use.

According to Sushant Rai, Chief Executive Officer of the company, in recent times 85+ businesses and organizations like Phonepay, Buddha Air, Norvik Hospital, Tilganga Eye Center, Care Nepal, Foodmandu, Bhoj, Aramex, Garima Development Bank, Shangrila Development Bank, Moco Wallet, City Express, Sipradi, CG Holding, Companies and organizations including Biz Bazaar, Pathao Nepal, as well as the National Identity Card and Registration Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs, have been taking the services of customer service center management through VoxCrow’s GetDesk – Call Centre software.

The company claims that personal privacy can be protected by using GetDesk.

How to get VoxCrow’s GetDesk (Call Centre Software) service?

According to the company, this service is suitable for those organizations which receive 100+ phone calls a day.

The company charges such companies from 40,000 to 50,000 rupees for initial setup. Currently, GetDesk is available and categorized into Basic and Business editions.

According to the company, after the setup, the service of GetDesk can be availed at 4 thousand to 5 thousand per user per month.

Trustworthiness earned in a short period of time

The company is currently celebrating its fifth anniversary. Started by Sushant Rai and Dipesh Regmi in 2018, this company has achieved success in a short span of time.

An example of this is, Foodmandu, which was connected as the first customer 5 years ago for call management, and continues to receive services from Voxcrow with confidence even today.

Currently, VoxCrow is taking charge of customer service center management of many companies.

The company claims that the role of the company in making phone calls in Nepal is manageable by changing the customer service center management.


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