There is a machine called Omni processor in which water is processed by a machine to collect waste water and convert it into the safe which is reusable by products water electricity as well. The main aim of this machine is to reduce disease and save lives in the city.

According to the report, Dakar is a west African city of 3.4 million people and among them one third of them have no access of sewer system. So that they have no access of sewer system so that they have to collect the waste in pits or septic tank.

For the sanitation to be more affordable it is to be stated that the Bill and Mellinda Gates foundation have invested in accompany called Janicki which built the Omni processor. The machine is setup only in Dakar. It is much cheaper by the next version of Omni processor is even cheaper by which Garbage will be removed by magnet not with hand and it can easily differentiate wet waste from the dry waste.

This machine saves some more employee and money by the facilities with electricity converted from the waste disposal. You can use those water for irrigation and the ash can be bricks. Gates and Janicki is aiming to bring Omni processor  to many other cities and its test process got sucessed which results the progress.

There are many than 2 billion people in the world are using toilet which are not connected with sewer system and due to this loose fellow, 700000 children were killed everywhere according to Bill gates.