Girls In ICT Day Hackathon – Hack By Girls 2018 – Women Leaders In Technology

Girls in ICT Day Hackathon – Hack By Girls 2018 – Women Leaders In Technology

Girls in ICT Day initiative is a global effort to encourage girls and young women to consider studies and careers in information and communication technologies (ICT). It takes place every year on the fourth Thursday of April, and since 2011, over 240,000 girls and young women have made a part in 7,200 Girls in ICT Day celebrations in 160+ countries worldwide. This year it will be celebrated on 26 April 2018.

Women Leaders in Technology (WLiT), an initiative to inspire, empower, educate, and mentor women in technology, is calling for female students who are also thinkers, innovators, and creators to take part in the annual hackathon preceding the Girl in ICT Day. The participants can use forms of ICT technology, including but not limited to mobile apps and websites to build on the concept of Smart Cities in Nepal. Winner of the hackathon will receive recognition and cash prize for the annual Girls in ICT Day event organized by Nepal Telecommunications Authority.

Girls in ICT day celebration in Nepal has been backed by Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) with several innovative events over the past years. All the activities organized are focused on empowering the girls who are in the ICT field and encouraging young girls who are still in school to pursue ICT as a career. NTA also publishes a magazine called ‘Girls in ICT’ to mark the celebrations.

Please Register (Individually)


Registration closes: 20 April, Friday

Orientation: 20 April, Friday

Hackathon: 22 April, Sunday (8 AM to 5 PM)

Location: To be Announced

Theme: Smart Cities


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