Rotaract Club Of Kantipur Organized Cyber Security Training

Rotract Club Organized Cyber Security Training

Cybercrime, or Computer Oriented Crime, is a Crime that involves a computer and a network. Despite investing millions in technology, many of us avoid human factor that is the weakest link in cybersecurity. Hackers are using sophisticated techniques to breach the network & server to steal confidential information.

At that point, security training seems helpful to create awareness among us. It is the duty that we are aware of necessary security precautions for a safe browsing experience. Exercise will also help to spread awareness, and we can avoid potential risks arise due to lack of proper knowledge, we can set a simulation or real hacking incident, which compels participants to think like a hacker and keep them one step ahead of hackers.

By attending this training, we can spread knowledge about web safety and know about online behavior. Providing proper cybersecurity training we can minimize Cyber Crime. There will be fewer security breaches as well as the related issues will also be reduced.

Objectives of the Training :

1. To raise awareness of emerging cyber threats to teenagers’, parent, students, officials, social activists, leaders, lawmakers, professionals, business entrepreneurs, and empowering the fastest growing digital society. CSI provides practical training on how to use the computer, internet, mobile, a private and public network, social media safely, securely at home, work, school, and public places.

2. To awareness how to be safe online, mobile phone security, phishing sites, Facebook, Gmail hacking, fake email, WiFi security, computer security, IP address tracking, dangerous websites visit and so on.
3. Cybersecurity awareness campaign promotes cybersecurity among citizens and advocates for change in the perception of cyber-threats by improving the security of sensitive data, sharing of good practices. Together we can let’s reduce cyber-crimes by raising awareness in your family, in your circle, in your community, and also in the country.

Training will be conducted by Ms. Pooja Gurung, who is Trainer and in charge of cybersecurity international. The practical training takes 2 hours. At the end of the practice, participants Understand with a Cyber Security Awareness (Basic Level) certificate.

Organized By Rotaract Club Of Kantipur & Supported By Zone VI and SAIM College. Please confirm your participation as soon as possible as limited seats available.


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