Girls In ICT, Technology In Action

An International Volunteer Organization of IT Girls/Women established in 2015 formed by a group of seven girls from different places of Kathmandu valley which missions to aware the girls about technology and it”s scope.
GIT is working towards the enhancement of girls in the field of technology be it by helping them build their skills or proving them a platform to showcase their talent. Established in 2015, it was formed by a group of seven girls from different places of Kathmandu valley.
With the vision of bringing more girls in the ICT sector and awarding them about the vast scope of programming technology worldwide and the nation itself, GiT is trying as much to contribute for it through social media, networking, and educational sectors. With the motto of “Equality for girls and women is not only a basic human right, but it is also a social and economic imperative,” GIT has been working with full dedication towards empowering the girls/women in the field of technology.
As we know there are less no of female involved in technology; GIT is working towards the upliftment of girls/ women in technology. They have also been concerned about the male-dominated ICT sector and how it can be reduced in the future.
 It is currently in collaboration with Pagoda Labs, Sanepa which is an academy and a training institute which delivers programming classes on different programming languages. So collaboratively they are working to create a revolution in the field of technology. They were also 2nd Runner Up in International ICT Day For Girls on 23rd April Organised by Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) on the theme “EXPAND HORIZONS, CHANGE ATTITUDES.
They have organized various workshops and training program for girls which involved multiple experts from the related field in assisting them. They have also been posting inspirational stories in their social media so that more and more girls would get inspired. GIT has also been conducting conferences with “Girls in technology conference 2016” being the recent one on June 12.