Goldstar purchase bill

9th May 2022, Kathmandu

IME Pay and Goldstar, which is part of IME Digital Solutions Limited, have agreed. The agreement was achieved today through the organization of a special event in the capital.

According to the agreement, while purchasing with IME Pay, Goldstar shoes will now receive a 30% discount up to Rs 300. Pramod Man Singh Basnet, Assistant General Manager, IME Peka, and Pravesh Mishra, Head of E-Commerce, Goldstar inked the deal.

This promotion, which begins on April 23rd, is supposed to be good for a short time only. When you buy Goldstar shoes through Goldstar’s website, you may enjoy a 30% discount up to Rs. 300.

“We are quite happy about the arrangement established between IME Pay and Goldstar,” said Pramod Man Singh Basnet, Assistant General Manager, IME Pay.

He stated that the deal will encourage both old and new customers to take advantage of savings when purchasing Goldstar shoes using digital technologies.

Goldstar’s e-commerce CEO, Pravesh Mishra, expressed confidence that the cooperation with IME Pay will continue to develop in the coming months.


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