9th May 2022, Kathmandu

TikTok is giving creators a new way to generate money. When certain advertisements appear alongside specific videos, the company intends to begin sharing a portion of the money with top producers.

The scheme is similar to how YouTube compensates producers, and it might lead to larger payouts from the site, which has yet to provide a big means for artists to generate money.

The new TikTok Pulse program allows advertising to be precisely shown alongside “the top 4 percent of all TikTok videos,” the business noted in a blog post today. When their videos are included, creators and publishers with at least 100,000 followers are eligible to get a portion of the money.

TikTok will distribute 50% of Pulse ad income with authorized creators, according to Sandie Hawkins, TikTok’s GM of North America global business solutions.

That’s similar to what YouTube provides producers, who get a reputed 55% cut of ad revenue.

TikTok’s Pulse, according to Hawkins, will premiere in the United States in June, with more regions following later this autumn.

TikTok’s main method of rewarding producers until now has been through its “Creator Fund,” which pays out select individuals depending on the popularity of their films.

However, creators have reported that reimbursements from this program can be tiny and sporadic, implying that it does not provide a sustainable cash stream in the same way that YouTube’s ad program does for certain video producers.


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