Google Acquires For Improved Applications

Google has acquired Inc., a company which specializes in making faster and responsive applications. Through this acquisition, Google is looking forward to expanding mobile performance services and making the service more qualitative.

Google has been investing more on mobile services as the users turn to smartphones and tablets to access digital content. According to Gartner Inc, the announced features for the new version of Android claims 80% of the smartphone market in the first quarter. is an app performance start-up that specializes in helping make applications and software have improved performance by knowing what is the reason for the slowdown of the software and likewise, the reason behind the freezing of screen. has also expressed their happiness about getting to work with Google through their website. They have revealed that the team will work to incorporate their start-up’s technologies in the Google ecosystem. has helped tens of millions of users to have a great mobile experience using their tools and tech. They also said that there is no better place to collaborate than with Google as it is the home of Android.

Some of the customers of the include Groupon Inc. and MyFitnessPal Inc. Google is working toward perfection these days by incorporating whatever they can to make their products better and stand out in the market.

Google has not disclosed the part of the acquisition and deal with However, because has been successful in raising $1.75 million since its founding, we can only assume that this acquisition came at a lower price compared to Google’s other purchases.