Nintendo is one of the oldest video game companies that are still famous in the market right now, and it may be using Android to power its next games console. It’s true that Google and Android have achieved a lot through time. Android Os has been able to produce a reputation no one has.

And many companies want to work with them. Some Game consoles have also been built using Android. But Nintendo ditching its previous Os to work with Google using Android is a big thing for Google itself.

Even though Google has been forward in many categories, Android powering the Nintendo game consoles is a big opportunity and challenge for Google to enter into the real gaming world. Nintendo, however, will also be benefited with its boost to flagging sales.

The new gaming console is not expected to come soon as the previous console game after a six-year gap. The code name for the new console is NX, and it doesn’t have an official release date. This is a rumor that android was maybe powering the device but it does make sense considering Nintendo’s partnership with mobile games company DeNA for making games for smartphones and tablets.

If this news is not just rumor than it is exciting news to the users of android as well as gamers, as well as being a success for Google, the move might help revive Nintendo’s fortunes because Nintendo has not been able to achieve the top spot with the presence of Sony’s and Microsoft gaming consoles.

This is good news for the gaming community as well because developers have difficulty in developing the cross-platform game so now that it was maybe coming up with android, developers might find it somehow less difficult considering the popularity and adaptation of android. We hope that cross-platform gaming would be more benefited from this.