‘Hamro Nepali Keyboard’ along with some other keyboards is available to enable Nepali typing in our Android phones and tablets. But due to small screens of their phones, the users are finding it difficult to use them; it also appears that for some lack of habit of typing Nepali is bringing up the hesitation. But to our convenience, Google had made it easier for us to write Nepali even if we don’t know how to type.

hamro nepali keyboardThis week Google has added its new keyboard ‘ Hand Writing Input’ for Android. We don’t need to type while using this keyboard. We can write Nepali on our screen as we would write on a paper with a pen. Google automatically translates the content we write on the keyboard. This Google tool has been constructed after years of research and study on Nepali letters and their structures. According to Google research blog,” ‘Handwriting Writing Input’ keyboard is available in 82 languages including Nepali.

After the installation of Handwriting input found in Google play store, we have to go to our mobile language settings and choose the Nepali language. After that a 7 MB package starts to download for Nepali language. After that we can write on the keyboard as we would write free hand. Although it is available for Nepali language, it might not be available for some users. Only a few days ago, YouTube was made available in Nepali.