Happy Nlocating

When we need to search for something, we immediately remember Google. Google shows us the results in milliseconds if we examine the web, but when we try to find out local search, we do not get a satisfying conclusion.

If we search about the whereabouts of a particular bank, it can give us the location, it can provide us with the directions with maps, but if we ask about the ATMs of that bank, Google won’t be able to tell us. Well even if we ask about the nearest petrol pump, it would be unanswered. Google will be able to give us the information regarding the hospitals and the movie theaters, but not about the doctors and the on going movies. It is difficult to know about our locality and the things needed in our daily life. To solve the problems, n-locate is trying its best.

n-locate can help us know about the ATM, Petrol Pumps, Hospitals/Doctors/Ambulance, Film/Drama, places to Eat, School/College, Government office, Police, etc.

n-locate can be used to search for numerous things. For now, it can be understood as a local search engine where we can search for the required stuff using the web app or the mobile App.

n-locate which began just a few years ago remained the same for a few years as a mobile app. N-locate was resurrected the previous year with the new and improved mobile app and mobile app. The process of addition of local business/data is continued to reform the user’s experience.  We can fit our own online business in n-locate.

Which was used to search the whereabouts of an ATM is now being used for other services as well. Similar to using Google as a search engine, using n-locate is becoming a trend. The exciting thing is that while searching or hospitals and doctors, we could also know about the working time of a doctrine a hospital in the same place. This not only helps us save time but made it easier for us to schedule the appointments as per our convenience. The most exciting art, hospital/doctor tried to, and what hospital, what doctor to see together and found that there are many pms, it was not only to save time but also go to the hospital for his exercises completed during the modes operation. An example from the then-locate blog:

Why can’t we just search for “Orthopedics” when we have a back-pain and get a list of hospitals nearby with doctors specializing in Orthopedics who work there and their OPD hours? Why can’t we search” fire-wood pizza” when we are hungry and get a list of restaurants nearby that serve firewood pizza” when we are hungry OPD hours? Why can’t we search “fire-wood pizza” when we are hungry and get a list of Restaurant nearby that serve firewood pizza, along with their prices? Why can’t we search by a movie name we want to watch and get a list of cinema-halls showing those movies, show-times and ticket prices?

n-locate managed to give the answers to the questions in a simplified way.

It gave information about the nearest hospital. Not only that it also told us which doctor would be there at a particular time. This is just a small example. Of course, n-locate has not been completed as data is being added regularly but it can help us search for our local sources in a simplified manner.