Google is making the medicine with which you will never grow old, the contact lens which measures diabetes.

World’s largest technology company Google has celebrated its 17th birthday on September 27 Sunday.  Though Google was founded on 4th September 1998 since 2005, the company decided to celebrate its birthday on 27th September, thus since then Google started celebrating its birthday on 27th September.

In this interval, Google has already taken a massive turn in the world of technology. But remember that Google’s thought is not limited only to the information and technology sector. In past days, Google has been working in that one type of topic, which in the future will change the structure of human being altogether. Google is working on such a thing that no one can ever imagine to make it happen in real life. As Google has always been surprising us with its new ideas and this time, also he can do so.

In Google’s 17th birthday, Google has announced its two new and essential planning. In this Google’s great preparation there is also the hand of billions of dollar of Health service sector. According to which Google is researching about making the medicine with which you will never be old with your body and we say can also say that anti-aging medicine. And also they have been researching about the diabetes disease, which has become one of the prevailing conditions in every human being. Isn’t Google doing a great job?

Google through its Biotic venture Calico’s medium; together they are working on producing anti-aging therapy which means the medicine which will always keep a human being younger than their actual age. Google’s founder Larry Page has said in one of the most significant events that we want people to live for at least 100 years, and it is also one of his wishes. These days to fulfill the dream of Larry, Google has kept his eyes on three hundred billion dollars anti-aging market.

Calico is the biotic related company which is developed by Google’s independent research and development sector. This company was established in 2013, and it’s headquartered is in America’s San Francisco. This company’s CEO is America’s businessman Arthur De Levinson. This company’s primary objective is to produce that type of medicine which will help to control the growing age of humans and also to control the common diseases.

With this, Google has planned to produce the smart contact lens which is kept an eye. That contact lens will work not only to keep your eye health and keep your eyesight correct but also it will calculate the sugar that is in the tear and will provide you the report whether you have got diabetes or not. If there is seen the maximum amount of sugar in tears and if the danger of diabetes is seen then the sensor that is kept in the contact lens will provide you the information about through the app in your smartphone.