Google Invites Amateurs To Send Clips For India

Google is calling all amateur Indian filmmakers to help create a user-generated full-length movie about daily life in India. So, it is your opportunity to capture a slice for your family to end up on the big screen.

Google said that the final film will be made under the guidance of a team of directors that include Ridley Scott, Anurag Kashyap, and Richie Mehta.

The company has invited everyone with a camera or phone for a film scene on October to upload to the footage at

The film which will be made with the selected clips from all the clips is scheduled or going to be released next year. This will be directed by Mehta. The owners or contributors of the selected clips will also be listed as co-directors, according to a press release from Google Inc.

Mehta is a Canadian filmmaker who directed“I’II Follow You Down.”Mehta stated that this project was personal to him. He believes that this film initiative by Google is a perfect way to showcase life in India and what makes India so extraordinary. He also wants to dispel any myths people have about India through this film.

Scott and Kashyap will serve as the executive producers of the film. Other filmmakers like R. Balki, Shekhar Kapoor, and Zoya Akhtar will also serve as creative consultants. Scott has asked the amateur filmmakers to create footages that tell us about what you hate, what you love, what you hope for, what you like, what you want for India.