Google says that some of the data was structured by lightning. Most of the people have permanently losses their data. There are number of disk which is damaged by lightning strike which become accessible. The data center require protection from lightning. Due to highly four strikes sound, it accuse the same age at the spot.

Justin Ghale, the project manager says that the lightning needs protection which strike power or telecommunication cable to make some distance and cause disruption. He said that the cable struck anything up to the kilometer which bring the data back. The Google computer Engine services allows its client to store and run in clouds which were affected or for the data lost. It is said that 0.000001% of disk were permanently affected. He said that automatic auxiliary system restore the power and designed the storage system which were susceptible to power failure.

The company added some features to improve the system to make future data to be less loss.

 A spokes person for data center states that Data center were designed to with stand large strikes conducting lightning rods which was not impossible.

The chances of losing data is very low and the user have the option to be able to get back as safety measures.