Google want to promote digital literacy in Haryana by negotiating with the government of Haryana. Google will undertake the digital literacy by covering the safety in government school and to do some official exercise.

The chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar signed with MOU in silicon valley who is leading a high level delegation on a tour to US and Canada to attract investment.

The chief minister said that it gave decessive push drive to digitise Haryana which helps pace worker. The MOU become so closer to their objective to digitalize literacy and aware the people of the state and made them confident empowering digitalisation.

Chetan krishnaswany, the Google Indian policy country head said that they hoped the join initiative which bear dividend for the state and the embrace of the internet which help them to achieve their goal.

He said that they are collaborating with the government for their objective which digitalize the literacy compaign helping them in different optimizing department for the mobile platform.

They lead and support all the engineering solution which helps in providing the solar skill training and expand them to use solar energy.

The chief minister announced that his government is making the world class infrastructure. There are four highway and nine has been added to approve the main ease to ensure speed clearance and doing business.