Google has always been innovative with its App, and we as users are making the apps fully functional with our life. We have a habit of taking pictures of the food and posting in Social Media. Most of us are fond of foods too. We try different food, visiting different places and restaurants.

And we like to post them on Instagram mostly. The trend of clicking pictures started with the start of Instagram when people started getting bored with taking selfies and other photos. Even if we try foods in different places and of various types, we are not aware of the Calories we take in. Some people are ill will some disease that need to know how many calories are they consuming per day and if its good for their health or not.

To be true everyone should be aware of the Calories they are consuming. And with this approach, Google has unveiled plans for a new App called Im2Calories. The project was revealed in a tech conference in Boston last week. The App will be able to show the Calorie of the food with the help of the picture by analyzing the pixels. This App is said to intelligent enough to learn itself with the experiences and differentiate between foods.

Google has been working on its photo App by focusing on the image processing Technology. So that it will also be helpful in this project. The primary goal of this app is to make calorie tracking easier. The App will be working with the help of pictures rather than jotting down notes. A spokesperson has told CNET the Technology behind Im2 Calories is still in research and development.

“No actual product plans at this stage,” he added. Google has been trying to integrate Artificial Intelligence to most of the technologies at Google. Therefore this App is also expected to be one of the projects that can relate to AI as it will be learning from the eating routine and behaviors of people.

As far as we know, this App is going to be quite helpful and with time will be a smart one to touch the heart of people. Initially, though the App might be in the learning phase and the calculations may not be accurate. Even though the App is not said to be ready, Google has already filed a patent for it.