Best Flagship Phone

8th April 2021, Kathmandu

Google Pixel 6 is going for its next flagship phone, which is planned to be released later this year. Many online sources outline the features that are expected to become in the next-generation Pixel phone.

According to a report by 9to5Google, Google’s upcoming phone may be powered by Google’s own customized processor.

Google’s upcoming phones including the rumored Pixel 6 for this fall could be the first gadgets to run on the “GS101” Whitechapel chip. In this chip, GS stands for Google Silicon.

As per the news, it has been reported that Google is working with Samsung in order to create its own Chip. Whitechapel can also be used in Pixel phones and Chromebook laptops

Apple has its own processor which powers iPhones and Mac laptops. Apple iPhones are powered by Bionic chip whereas Mac laptops are powered by Apple Silicon chips.

Google has collaborated with Samsung Semiconductor’s system large-scale integration (SLSI) division to built Google’s own processor. This implies that the Google chips will share certain components with the Samsung Exynos, such as software.


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