Google New AI App

22nd May 2021, Kathmandu

Google is an American multinational company. Google emphasizes Internet-related services and products. It focuses on online advertising technologies, search engines, cloud computing, software, and hardware. Google offers services designed for work and productivity. is the most visited and most popular website worldwide. There is various development and new features each passing day in the Google app.

Google IO virtual event

Google’s annual developer conference was held on Tuesday. It was canceled last year due to the pandemic. Google IO returned as a virtual event. The conference was held for three days. Google executives and project managers showed off the new software features, new AI-powered tools, and a zany prototype video booth made for hyperrealistic teleconferencing.

Google AI tool to diagnose the skin condition

Recently, at the event of Google IO event, Google has unveiled a tool that uses artificial intelligence. The Google AI helps to spot skin, hair, and nail conditions, based on the images that are uploaded by patients. It is a web-based application that makes it easier to figure out what is going on with your skin. The tech giant revealed the hard work of 3 years of labor towards the goal of harnessing the diagnostic power of AI in your smartphone to diagnose common skin conditions. The app Google AI can recognize 288 skin conditions however it is not designed to substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment.

How is the app developed?

It has taken three years to develop the app. It has also has been trained on a dataset of 65,000 images of diagnosed conditions. Also millions of images showing marks people who are concerned about it. Generally, people go to Google and ask questions about skin conditions. About 10 billion annual skin condition queries are done in Google according to the chief health officer of Google Health, Karen DeSalvo, which encouraged Google to develop the app.

How does the Google AI app work

After the launch of the app, use your phone’s camera to capture 3 images of the skin condition from different points. After that, the Google AI app asks you some questions about your skin type, the duration of the condition, and any other symptoms that help to identify the condition accurately. Then the app analyzes this information and searches its databases of 288 skin conditions to create a list of possible matching conditions. Google is quick to assert that the information provided by the app is not the final diagnosis. Neither it is a definitive answer. But it is a realistic set of possibilities after it searches more than 288 skin conditions in its database. For each matching condition, the tool will show dermatologist-reviewed information and answers to the commonly asked questions. The users can either save their results, delete them or donate to Google’s research efforts.

Google is using its artificial intelligence chops to help consumers, and potentially doctors and even better identify dermatologic conditions using just smartphone or digital cameras. The Google AI app is not the first AI in healthcare. But it is an important tool in the hands of the public instead of the doctors. Internet is the source of both queries and solutions too. Medical tools like the Google AI app is always beneficial and convenient for the users and customers. It is the most beneficial app at this time as the fear of corona has left us indoors. The hospitals are packed and there is fear of transmitting the virus.

Recently, the AI model that powers the tool successfully passed clinical validation. The company has also obtained a Class I medical device mark for the tool in European Union, designating it as a low-risk medical device.


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