Google Officially Launches New Shopping Portal

Google Shopping App
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27th July 2020, Kathmandu

Who doesn’t love online shopping today?! It has become a great deal today! Hence, the tech giant Google is ready to launch its new shopping app, ‘Shoploop’ in the market. It is a video shopping platform.

At present, the app is not fully functional; only the beta version is available. Shoploop is currently available as a mobile app only. The developers believe that some new experiments have been started in the new app, and it will make human life much more comfortable.

The team members have claimed that it will be a new place for consumers and sellers. This app allows you to watch a 90-second video about the products. Here, the creators are demonstrating makeup, nails, and other beauty products.

Lax Poojary, the general manager of Shoploop, says that they are working with content creators and online shop owners in the beauty industry. This way, the creators will directly review the products through their videos. It is a win-win condition for both parties. The shopping platform gets its content. Then eventually, the content creators get their due.

At present, the customers are visiting several platforms like youtube and Instagram to get a review of the products. So, this app will prove to address the problem.

The content creators and store owners can apply through the website if they want to contribute and collaborate in this shopping experiment. You can visit  to get the mobile experience of the shopping platform.

Google is all ready to reap the benefits of today’s online shopping craze! We are excited about how google will be implementing its strategies for this ambitious project. It will be interesting to see if this becomes a success!

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