Gyapu Marketplace Fined Rs. 50,000

Online Shopping Platform

27th July 2020, Kathmandu

The Department of Commerce, Supplies, and Consumer Protection fined Gyapu Marketplace Rs 50,000 for illegal business operation. This incident took place on Sunday, 11th Shrawan,2077 BS.

The department fined Gyapu under Section 39 (1) (d) of the Protection Act 2075. The marketplace violated Section 38 (t) of conducting online business without registering.

You can click on  to see their online presence. It’s Facebook page has over 39,000 likes. The marketplace is located in Bakhundol, Lalitpur.

Another Similar Incident

Along with that, the government has also fined Camp Water Private Limited with Rs. 50,000. The department found it guilty for acting under Section 20 (2) of the Consumer Protection Act 2075. The fine is for violating Section 39 (1) (d) of the same Act.

With the rampant operation of such businesses, their credibility is lost somewhere. As customers, we might lose our interest in online shopping in the future.

Government’s Victory

I guess the government is quite aware of today’s mushrooming online businesses. Thus, these steps are appreciable.

This has a positive impact in two ways. Firstly, the government’s image is improved to some extent. Secondly, customers become aware of such illegal businesses.

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