Google With A New Smart Category

We have heard about Smart devices like Smartwatch, Smartphone, Smart wear, but we weren’t expecting something like smarty pants. Yes, you heard it right.

Soon you will be able to control your phone just by rubbing your jeans maybe. If you are wondering how is that even possible, then Google is here to blow your mind again.

A project called Jacquard is what Google is up to with the help of coordination with Levi’s jeans. This project is focused on smart clothing that is controlling your gadgets with every day’s fabric you wear.

Google made its yarn having the tech included in it, and the clothing will feature a chip as well to control the fabric. One of the created smart clothing was a jacket, and a phone call could be made just swiping your finger in the coat.

The development is still in the process; however, Google working us such projects and Amazon working on the branding of the food products have astounded users and somehow made them excited too.

Some might not like the idea of Smart Fabrics, but as our screens are getting smaller with Smart Watches, we need to think of something that will ease for using such devices. As sensor like Radar Technology is also coming into use, the Smart Fabric can also be a piece of Technology revolutionizing the use of Technology.

Now that everything is turning into smart, you can expect how our lives are going to be in some years. Surrounded by Technology from our phones to our clothes, we are going to have a different era of technology.

The fun part is google being able to come up with such projects fascinates many people. Even if the success of the project can be assured, the innovation is never ending with Google