Google’s AI Is A Game Changer

Robots are what you are going to be talking when it comes to call service in some time from now. It is all possible with the research carried out by Google that we could be talking to a robot with Artificial intelligence. having context sensitive discussions, Google have taught their machines to be really smart.
It not that long that all the tech support and call centers will be replaced by robots with AI that are the computer itself. These robots might be having conversations that were not even thought to be possible. The discussions might range from philosophy to everyday IT help-desk tasks. Google system is not like the ones we find in chatbots today.
They have been modeled to learn languages and have conversations based on the examples seen in corporate and business documents. That’s where the innovation to making the machines learn comes from. A research paper was published by the company about this. “Even though the model has obvious limitations, it is surprising to us that a purely data-driven approach without any rules can produce rather proper answers to many types of questions,” according to the research paper.
You wouldn’t have thought a robot could respond to almost every kind of questions and have long conversations based on specific topics. It’s like talking to a human being with lots and lots of information. The problems that people face in their daily lives related to technology were solved by those robots in the test. Therefore their capacity cannot be judged at all.
And the best thing is, it is just the start, and they have a long way to go. Another best thing about this AI is, it can even learn itself as AI also taught itself how to respond to inquiries about morality and philosophy. Surprisingly the answers seemed to be so realistic and natural that you may have been mistaken it to be the answer from a human being. We found a question that was asked during the tests.  “What is the purpose of life?” “To serve the greater good.” “What is the purpose of living?” “To live forever.”
Might you have been shocked right? We have known that there were bots that could at least interact with a human being, but it’s fascinating to have these bots that can interact with human nature to a new level.
This is because it was designed to come up with an appropriate response based on context. The system relies on what’s called a neural network, which mimics some of the sensing characteristics of the human brain’s neocortex, along with a longer-term memory component to help it build an understanding of context. The research seems like a massive success in the field of technology with AI being the new wow factor in it. By this, we can surely make assumptions about how the new generations of computers might be.
Mimicking a part of the human brain is something scientist have thought from some time, but it’s interesting to be able to think about the possibilities these machines could have.