Why Choose 5G ?

There is something about the network that has been advancing continuously, and they are some major components to discuss when it comes to network speed. They are latency, download and upload speed. With the increasing need of the speed of network with a massive amount of data to be transferred through networks, the network speed has also been able to gain a new level that has better latency, download and upload rate. However, it is not always enough. When they are introduced, it feels like a good and then with the habit, we want more as this is the world of technology.
For most of these attributes of networks on mean as “how fast does something load?” or “how fast files get downloaded?” or “how high is the resolution of the video one is playing?”. Sometimes we aren’t even aware of the servers present in our network so that we make wrong assumptions about the download being fast due to other reason. A request from user always has to pass through so many systems if servers of websites aren’t present in the default network. That is why it might take a longer time to download files with less size than files with a larger scale.
However, having a good network always serves the best and you wont have to worry about the speed as much as others have to. With the advancement in technology,  we already got to be familiar with the speed of nework like 3G and 4G in the past. In the developing countries, there are networks with 4G found where you can easily download contents and stream videos. However “5 G” is arguably the fifth  generation of mobile networks and is the “the next major phase of mobile telecommunications standards beyond the current 4G/IMT-Advanced standards”.
In the past, mobile users have suffered with some horribly painful speed of the network. people were more familiar with  we’re more familiar with GRPS, EDGE, HSPA/HSPA+, and ultimately LTE back then. The speeds however we were just enough for surfing the internet and downloading anything was really slow compared to now. In those days, maybe it was the only way to connect. But times have changed now. we have a network that can download a movie in minutes or even seconds. The new fifth generation is going to be faster than ever. The network is going to have certain features that will make the users go wow. Some features like the several tens of mega bits per second is really fascinating.
The coverage of the network is increased in 5 G. Several hundred of thousands of connections will be supported. The network might be able to go deliver  1Gbps downlink to start with and maybe more Gbps in the future. It is expected to be more energy efficient than its predecessors. Latency is decreased too in the new network. If everything goes according to plan, most of us should be on some sort of 5G connection by 2020 which is really exciting as well as soon too. The devices with 5 G network will also be seen in the coming future.