You might be someone who loves adventures. Racing, cycling, skating, bungee umping, snowboarding, etc. The fun in living this life is with such adventures that makes your body shiver with excitement. The rush of blood through our veins when in such situation can only be experienced when we are a part of it.

There might be people who love these adventures but even if there aren’t such people, there might be those who like to watch. And who doesn’t like to capture those moments and later watch it. Of course it could be a lot more fun to get to watch them. Sometimes with the view of the one who is performing such adventures? These are the moments that were hard to be captures as someone won’t be able to concentrate on both things like capturing and also being the part of the adventurer. If so where is the fun in the adventure? However Gopro is something that will help you capture all those moments.  It is an HD camera which is waterproof and smaller in size however performs some great task. It can capture crystal clear videos even during the adventures so that most of the details are delivered while watching.  The high-definition camcorders, often used in extreme-action video photography are really popular these days and they perform a big act even if they are small and compact. Because of this feature is easy to carry anywhere and can be kept anywhere. The most fun part about GOPRO is it has launched a new tiny camera that is really going to blow the mind of everyone who is looking forward to use it. It’s 50% smaller and 40% lighter than the next-biggest model. Now how much can u ask for a camera to be. With its compact size and cool features that were in the previous camera, it going to cost around $399. The camera is also featured with a one button control. The color is in black and its physical appearance is in small cube like box. The camera is going to easy fit in the palms of the hand.


With its new camera GOPRO will gain more popularity than before as they have been able to feature so many things in the new camera called “”Hero4 Session. “The camera will be able to use for different purposes as well as the size has been smaller and compact than before. It’s waterproof to 33 feet, so it can be used to film underwater footage which might feature so many adventures of the sea world. And like the older generations of GOPRO it can be used as a helmet or in the helmet to capture other adventures like racing and stunts. They can also be used during the paragliding and skydiving. It a good thing that GOPRO made it all possible and it has revolutionized how we see the world by working on something unique and innovative.


It can also be used with a SELFIE stick thus being a new thing for the selfie generations. Not only it has become small but with the size it has also become light making it the most important thing that you might like to take on the holidays. Now video capturing is so easier than before with this innovation. And now the competition for being cheaper is going on as other companies have also started working on similar devices like Xiaomi and Polaroid. So we can hope the camera to be cheaper in the future.