You all may have known about a perfect place for sharing your photos and videos. A portal or platform that helps to share your digital life to your friends and to the whole world. Its a fun and unique way to share your life and yourself to the whole world. Therefore it became famous in no time and is one of the most popular social networking service in the present date. With social networking being the choice that many enjoy, Instagram is the king of photo and video sharing network. A network that comprises hundred millions of people has been famous for some time now. Besides other social network, this one seems to be capturing the attention of teens and those who love to take sharing to a whole new level. Some people who are into photography also get the chance to share their creativity and other too who are artist or etc.
Kevin, the CEO and co-founder of Instagram has focused on simplicity and inspiring creativity through solving problems with thoughtful product design. Such a platform which lets people tell their stories with their pictures is really unique. However its been a long time that Instagram had been storing the pictures in the 640*640 resolution which is supposed to be upgrade with time. As it is one of the biggest photo sharing platform, the ability of storing larger images should be present. As everyone began to make it an issue, it seems like Instagram will be working on making the feature possible.Being one of the most popular application for sharing pictures world, its bot going to be limited to the resolution that it once was. The reason it was limited was because it started as a free mobile application. though with time it gained popularity and now 300 million people are using and sharing their stories through their pictures and videos. The best part about Instagram is you get to share the content anywhere on other social medias. It even lets us use filters. its an app generally for those who love taking pictures but with time, users are demanding to be able to upload larger size and resolution of pictures giving Instagram a new thing to work on. This also might help Instagram become a good platform for professional photographers. Now the issue of the resolution seems to be resolved in some time as the image uploaded in the network seems to be of 1080 resolution. however they still haven’t displayed the high resolution pictures. However its too soon to say that the issue will be fixed soon. However it looks like they have been working on it and we maybe able to see the results in the coming days or weeks.
But with the recent update the spokesperson of Instagram says that they have started rolling out the 1080pc images to the mobile phones but it seems like they arent available in the desktop version. It looks like they will just be focusing on mobile phones for now and others for later.