Government Disagrees To Reduce Mobile Internet Fee

 The government had recently withdrawn its plan to increase the internet service charge by 13 percent after they had a meeting with Internet Service Provider (ISP), but they still disagree with reducing the expense of mobile internet fee that is provided by Telecom companies.

After they held a meeting between the government and ISP, the government has decided to provide some other kind of convenience to the ISP’s in regard to stop the price hike up in internet services, but they deny to decrease the price of mobile internet fees which is one of the significant sources of the internet for many people.

In the agreement that held between ISP and government, there has not been any discussion regarding mobile internet that’s why there is no chance of price decrease in mobile web.

Eighty-four percent of the users are connected to the internet through mobile internet. However, its price is not reducing.

According to the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, the total number of 1Crore and 24Lakh uses mobile internet, and only 22Lakh people use wired internet.


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