Buy Any Brand Of Mobile In Installment With Zero Percent Interest

Finally here comes good news for all those who are planning to buy a mobile. If you don’t have enough money to buy a mobile, then you don’t need to worry now. For the first time in Nepal, someone has brought a service from where we can purchase any brand of mobile with 0 percent interest.

The mobile app recharger of Global Key Technology is setting up to provide any brand of mobile in installment with zero percent interest. The service will be available only through the recharger app.

After recharger raised its flag successfully on world’s tallest peak Mount Everest now they are planning to lift it on Africa’s tallest peak Mount Kilimanjaro, marking the occasion they have brought such kind of service.

The flag of recharger placed at Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro will be waved by 23 years old Navin Magar on August 4.

“According to mobile and its price the installment period has been fixed for six months, one year and 18 months”, informed the company.

“The mobile that cost above twenty thousand can be purchased with zero percent interest in installment through recharger’s app,” added company.

Few of the mobile brands can be purchased in 0 percent down payments while the rest of the other brands can be bought by paying 10 to 70 percent of the down payment with 0 percent interest.

To acquire these service customers are needed to submit their citizenship, employment certificate and financial report. For current, the service will be available only at the Kathmandu valley.

The recharger app encompasses various services that include eSewa, IME pay, banking service. Similarly, we can also recharge via SCT, Master Card and Visa Card and can buy goods from it. Likewise, the tickets of airlines and movies can also be purchased from it.


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