Government Procedures Troubles IT companies In Nepal

Interaction Program on Investment Opportunities in the ICT Sector of Nepal organized by FNCCI International Investment Promotion Committee. Due to the unmanaged government procedure, national and international technology companies are facing a lot of problem in Nepal, said the stakeholders. The IT companies are not meeting their expectation in business because of the unsystematic government procedure.


Although the IT companies have a broader scope globally, the procedure of registering them and hiring human resources from foreign lands to run the business is very troublesome in Nepal. During the program organized by the International, Investment Promotion Committee of Nepal Federation of Commerce and Industry participants have complained about these issues.

Innovation companies have a considerable ability to create an opportunity for employment and foreign currency, said the participants.

Registration of the company, government papers, visa, and revenue enrollment of the company are the major hurdles for the innovative companies, added the participants.

John Snowden, General Manager at Cloudfactory, said, “There is a broad scope of IT companies in Nepal but the visa procedure of Nepal to bring international IT worker is bothersome. The visa procedure is very lengthy.”

Mahabir Pun, Founder of National Innovation Center (NIC), suggested the government to make policy targeting the startup companies. Such kind of strategy can produce extreme numbers of a skilled workforce to the nation, added Pun.

Richan Shrestha, Senior Vice President at Leapfrog Technology told Nepal has a more significant possibility in the field of IT; lots of international investors can be gained through this sector.

Amun Thapa, Founder, and CEO of Sasto Deal complained about lengthy government procedure. He said it takes six months to take permission with the government before starting any work related to IT sector.

Bishwas Dhakal, President at F1 soft, told Nepalese IT companies can easily earn foreign investor if there will be easy government procedure. Globally, our country has a so much of scope in the IT field all we need is proper plans and policies.


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