Khalti Launched Wallet To Bank Money Transfer Facility

Khalti wallet to bank money transfer design

Kathmandu, 30 October 2018

Khalti, an emerging digital wallet and payment gateway in Nepal has launched portfolio to bank money transfer facility, enabling its users to transfer the balance in their Khalti to their bank accounts.

With the launch of this facility, Khalti is also introducing a dedicated ‘Withdraw’ section on Khalti app and website from where users can proceed to bank withdrawal.

Khalti users can “cash out” money in their Khalti wallet through its app and Android app, as well as through web dashboard Up to Rs. 40,000 can be transferred at a time from Khalti to a bank account, Rs. 80,000 in a day, and a maximum of Rs 2,00,000 in a month. All the transactions in withdrawal take place in real time (within max 15 minutes).

Khalti users can avail the wallet to bank transfer facility at nominal charges, in a very secure and reliable way.

Currently, this facility is available for the users having a bank account in Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIBL) only. More banks are going to be added shortly.

Announcing the launch of money transfer facility, Manish Modi, Managing Director of Khalti said,

“When we launched Khalti, we embarked on a goal to replace the physical wallet. By adding withdraw feature, we have expanded the capabilities of digital portfolio beyond payments. Khalti users can now transfer money from their mobile wallet to bank accounts of their friends and family in a straightforward, convenient and secure way.

This feature will be especially useful to those who have to transfer small sums of money on a regular basis. You no longer need to visit the bank to send money, instead do so with just a few clicks on the phone. It is a gesture from Khalti that financial transactions and money transfers services are going digital.”


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