Government Proposed Black Number Plates to Tootle and Pathao

New Budget provides relief to Tootle and Pathao

July 18th, 2019, Kathmandu

Transportation Management Department has proposed to provide black number plates to the motorcycles that work under Tootle and Pathao.

Kumar Prasad Dahal said that the ride-sharing platforms, namely Tootle and Pathao, could be made equipped with black number plate systems.

The department plans to let these companies operate with black number plates on their motorcycles. According to the law, the current services provided by the companies is deemed illegal.

The Department has suggested bringing the fares collected within the tax scope, to arrange insurance, and to support the determining factor for the passenger.

Director Dahal said, ” I have sent suggestions to the ministry to manage applications like Tootle and Pathao based on the policies. If such services must operate, then it should not be done illegally against Law enforcement. “

Secretary of the ministry, Devendra Karmi informed that no proposals had been received for the amendment of the law to provide black number plates to the motorcycles as stated.

According to the CEO of Tootle Sixit Bhatta, motorcycles operated by the company’s riders shouldn’t be the black number plate.

“This is like building a new house to give out the house for rent. The number of motorcycles will increase in Kathmandu if the rule is implemented”,  Bhatta said.

He added that they are trying to utilize the resources currently available in the capital properly. The policy is implemented of the valley will become more complicated than right now.


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