The government is planning to use Social media in the best to interact with the public. To maintain transparency the government is preparing to operate social media in all the government offices.

Government motives to address the complaints of the public through social media. The use of social media to converse with the public will built a strong relationship between citizen and government, informed Office of The Prime Minister and Council of Ministers.

The primary objectives of operating social media are to interact with the public, to inform the public and to address the complaints. According to the Electronic Transaction Act 2063 under Article 79, the government offices are bringing social media in use.

As per directive government can operate other social media in future, at present Facebook, Twitter, and Viber is in use.

The social media will address the problems related to national security, development, accidents, violence against women and among others. Similarly, it will also look after the recommendation made by an individual or organizations.

According to directives few of the government bodies have already started using social media whereas few of them are preparing to use them.

As per directive, the username of Twitter or email address should relate with designation, department, and offices. The accounts should mandatorily use Government of Nepal’s logo.

There should be the use of official number in the Viber account. The government officials are strictly instructed to use polite language. They are not allowed to respond aggressively using harsh words.


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