Cyber Forensics in Nepal

Like we need bread and butter for our survival the essentiality of digital forensic has escalated immensely for all the cyber guards.

From last few months, the growth of cybercrime has increased enormously. According to one report, Nepal faced around 800 cyber attacks last year. More numbers of cyber crimes can be anticipated if the flow will not be controlled in time.

Cyber crimes include activities like attacks on social media, piracy, identity threat, unauthorized access, website hacking and among others.

According to International global trend person under the age group of 12-67 has a high risk of experiencing cyber attacks.

Nepal is very new with terms like cyber attacks and cyber crimes. Still, there is a lag of proper laws and policies regarding cybersecurity in Nepal. Since the government is indifferent to prioritize the sector of ICT, the area of cybersecurity is moving towards a complicated situation.

 But in recent days, for many of the Nepalese threat regarding cybersecurity has been one of the major issues. Almost all governmental and non-governmental organization is relying on digitals media to fulfill their regular task, but they are still unaware of cyber attacks and measure to be secured from it.

A total of 39 cyber crime related cases were filed in 2013/14 against 19 in 2013-14. Many cases go unreported due to fear of retribution from the perpetrators. E-mail theft, phishing, data hacks, and online fraud are significant forms of cyber crimes in the country reports Himalayan times.

Recently, Crime Investigation Division handed over much needed digital forensic equipment to the Central Investigation Bureau and Metropolitan investigation Bureau.

THT reported that equipment help uncovers and interpret electronic data while preserving any evidence in its original form in the course of conducting the structured investigation by recovering, collecting, storing, identifying and validating the data to track down past events.

  Status of Cyber Forensics in Nepal

  • The Nepal Police has established a Digital Forensics Technology (10th December 2015)
  • 95 percent of criminal activities at present occur with the use of some form of information technology
  • Recommendation: Competent Authority dedicated to handling Cyber incidents is highly essential to cope high-tech as well as common crime.


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