Could this new tech charge your phone in 7 seconds

The Graphene touted as a “Wonderful material” because of its unique properties and its applicability. It is 200 times stronger than steel and lighter than paper. Likewise, it is also a thin layer of pure carbon atoms. And it looks like a honeycomb structure. It is also very much flexible and robust. Graphene can charge the users phone in 7 seconds. Isn’t it amazing?

In the coming days, it could be responsible for dynamic upgrades to smartphone technology. Since it is very much flexible, it incorporated into bendable phones. In the form, if antennas or touch displays. Graphene has excellent potential for improving batteries in the smartphone. It built into the cells themselves to develop energy storage. And it is also used for long-term performance.

Similarly, it used to speed up the energy transfer between a power source and a battery exponentially. Researchers also believe that Graphene can charge the phone in 7 seconds. So, graphene can serve as a conduit for charging by enabling power to move through it rapidly.

An innovation of Graphene Flagship

Kari Hjelt who is the head of change of Graphene Flagship. And he told that the potential that graphene hold is the ability to charge a device in just 7 seconds. However, it’s still a young material. Graphene is very much famous. As used in the multiple fields in a fantastic way like robotics, smartphones, food identification, wearable tech and many more.

Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

It may take a couple of years to develop a super 7-second charge. And Samsung is using it to build graphene balls that help the smartphones to charge in less than 12 minutes. For this sole reason, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology collaborated with Seoul National University School of Chemical and Biological Engineering. It involves designing graphene balls to cover the cathode.

Similarly, it protects it from the damage. And They also provide more efficient conductivity. It happens because graphene features 140 times faster electron mobility.

Likewise, it also increases the number of cycles a cell can withstand. Similarly, Chinese company Dongxu Optoelectronics is also working on a graphene-based battery pack called G-King. It has a 4,8000 mAh capacity. Dongxu told that the battery regains its lost charge in 13 to 15 minutes. Here, the cell is robust enough discharged. Likewise, it can also recharge up to 3,500 times which is seven more than a conventional lithium-ion battery. So, Next generation of smartphones can be sooner than expected.


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