As we know this world is full of diversity and the diversity is not found only in race but also in gender. And for everything to function properly there is need in diversity as everything constitutes of everyone. What if we could bring diversity in everything? Wouldn’t it be more like the world as it is now?
The approach of reaching to diversity might be different by reaching there is also a great success. The times have changed now. Equal participation of everyone is expected is considered good. And during this time, the lack of gender and racial diversity within the tech industry is a problem that almost every Silicon Valley company is trying to solve. We have not been able to see the diversity in today’s digital worlds. Its not like there is none but it is considerably low. Diversification is not just the need of the tech companies but ideas but also for sales and profit. If user or customers are present with various diversity, wouldn’t the users want diversity in the product as well. Well diversity can cause a serious issue at time but if diversity could be brought in a product or service then it would satisfy more users. After all, engineers build gadgets and software for men, women and people of every color and if the product are diverse then it is going to be valued more as they people from various diversities would have a proper and wide understanding of customers.
They did tried to know what percentage of diversity are more involved and what are not. And they found white men to be the most in the field of technology. They surveyed and found out the results which made them serious about the issue. Even the tech giants are very concerned about these issues and they have tried hard to resolve the issue of diversity with encouragement to involvement of women in technology. With the famous conferences they help, they also tried to maintain the participation for the women. Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Intel, sales force, eBay are working with initiatives to bring out the women in the tech industry so that they both can be benefited. Well the initiatives are quite good. Here are some of the things done by the tech giants to do so.
Apple: Apple said that if there are any organizations to help women get to the tech industry, they will be donating 50 million dollar to the organization. The donations are not direct however will include scholarships, paid interns and college training programs. For this initiative company is partnering with National Center for Women and Information Technology.
Google: Google also plans to spend $150 million on a combination of internal and external diversity efforts. The company invested $114 million in diversity programs in 2014. the half amount will be sent to organizations to attract women in technology and half amount will be used inside Google to make it inclusive.
Likewise Intel is also going to invest $125 million in minority-led startups over the next five years. And other companies too are doing their bits to bring diversity in technology as they have known without diversity, they wont be lasting long on the business and bringing diversity can change the future of companies over the course of time.