Apple in the world of technology has always been very competitive. With its works it has shown how dedicated it is to fulfill the needs of this digital world. The design,the innovation is far more complex than any other big companies have worked on. With its reputation in the tech world, it also demands for the best of the best employees. It has been a challenging and demanding place for the employees to work as it has the reputation to maintain. And Apple being such a big tech giant is sure to pay those employees with a good sum of money for their work. The challenge in working with apple make those employee deserve for such huge amount.
The list is prepared with the help of some sources like GLassdoor . Don’t you want to work for Apple? If so start printing your resume if you have the role included in the list. The payments listed here are just the base amount not including the bonuses.
10. Senior System Engineer:
The salary for senior System engineer is $107,740. It is actually the lower paying for the senior role at apple. Still it is higher than other employees and twice as much as a typical retail employee.
9. Database Administrator:
The salary for Database administrator is $109,415. Data is always a big issue for tech giants like apple. They have to manage a huge number of data as they have a lot of users. Whether it’s usage data, serving apps through the App Store, or making sure some of its web-connected services like Siri are working, it needs a proper database management. Therefore Database administrator have a big role to play.
8. Software Engineer:
 The salary for software engineer is $110,784. Whatever we use related with apple in terms of software, software engineers are the brain for it. If compared to the software engineer at Google, they make just a little bit more than at Apple i.e$118,982.
7. Hardware Engineer:
The salary for  hardware engineer is $113,577. Apple generally focuses more on hardware and its been its purpose since its establishments therefore pays slightly more to the hardware engineers than the software engineers.
6.  Mechanical engineer:
 The salary for  Mechanical engineer is $119,150. Dealing with heat and moving parts in the products of Apple is hard.  Mechanical engineers make sure Apple’s products don’t fall apart.
5. Product design engineer:
The salary for Product design engineer is $119,742. Apple is really appreciated for its design by people so it really focuses on that. That’s the reason why it even pays more to the design engineer that the software engineer.
4. Project Manager:
The salary for Project manager is $120,182. They need to watch over every process going in the Apple. Therefore they are the ones that get paid much than others.Product managers make sure each product gets shipped while meeting Apple’s bar for quality.
3. Senior Software Engineer:
 The salary for Senior software engineer is $130,130. This is really important point where you will be responsible for serious things. you will working on iphone operating system and maps. But even then they are paid slightly less than that of Senior hardware engineer.
2. Senior Hardware Engineer:
 The salary for Senior hardware engineer is $138,753. You are only promoted to senior hardware engineer when you have spent quite some time at Apple and then you start making some good money.
1. Industrial Designer:
 The salary for Industrial designer is $167,260. Obviously the guys in charge of the overall visual appearance of a product and how it communicates visually with consumers is a key role at Apple and that guy is the valuable one at the apple. That’s why apple has been able to reach a point where no company could as Steve jobs used to say.