Hackathon Event On Software Freedom Day 2016

In Kathmandu Valley, many events are conducted each month. This time, Hackathon event is going to be performed on 17th September 2016, i.e., on the software freedom day at Agarwal House, Kamal Pokhari from 10:00 – 17:00. It is a one-day event on “how to Develop Nation.” On this program, you have to submit your idea for national development. Besides, the best plans that you have offered would be selected for this program. So hurry up with your team and ideas

One important thing for this program is that you would also get the certificate for your participation, but you would not get a special prize, and no winners would be selected since this Hackathon is specially designed to maintain the culture of Hackathon. But you would get a chance to interact with the mentors and learn from their experience and get future support or help from FOSS NEPAL COMMUNITY.

Furthermore, the project that you have submitted would also be kept in a FOSS Nepal’s GitHub page for further development and implementation. Not only this, but you would even get a chance to present your ideas through the presentation at the end of Hackathon.

The program for this event will be scheduled as:

10:00-12:00 : Start Coding

12:00-12: 30: Food break

12:30-13:00 : Coding

13:00-14: 00: Interaction with mentors

14:00-15:30 : Coding

15:30-16: 00: Prepare for a short demonstration and food break

16:00-17: 00: Project demonstration and Certificate distribution

You can also check out on [email protected] for further information.